Chrome and Firefox Browser Security Update

Here at PhotoShelter we have designed our features to take advantage of the most recent versions of popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This commitment helps to ensure that your PhotoShelter account and the services we provide remain fast, reliable, and secure.

To stay up-to-date with evolving web technology, in early 2017, we will be migrating our platform and all PhotoShelter-hosted websites to HTTPS rather than a mix of HTTP and HTTPS (meaning that all communications between your browser and the web server are encrypted on every page).

Currently, we are using HTTPS on a number of sensitive pages, such as those that handle credit card information, for example. This broader move will improve overall site security and performance.

In the meantime, Google has announced that its newest update to Chrome will begin in February 2017. This version (56) will begin to mark some HTTP pages as "non-secure" in the browser address bar. Firefox recently added a warning to their newest version (51) and will start showing a grey lock icon with a red strike-through in the address bar.

This is what will be displayed in the Chrome Browser:

This is what will be displayed in the Firefox Browser: 

Until our next security update, this notice will appear on certain HTTP pages for visitors using Chrome 56 or later and Firefox 51 and later:

  • In the Client Proofing Tool
  • When using a password or login to access a gallery or download images

Please note, this new notice does not reflect any change in the level of security we provide. It reflects new expectations from Chrome and Firefox as a way to better signal security across the web.  Our additional security enhancements will meet or exceed Chrome's new expectations.

If you have any questions about this or any other security-related matter, feel free to get in touch with our Client Services Team.

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