Responsive Templates: Choosing the Right Design for Your Work

A good portfolio website should let your photos do the talking. It's all about keeping things simple: a clean design, easy ways for visitors to find what they're looking for, and, above all else, a focus on presenting your work beautifully. 

At PhotoShelter we offer nine different templates on our responsive platform, each one designed with a photography specialty or specific way of displaying photos - or telling a story - in mind. Read on to learn more about each template and find out which one is right for you. 



Element is all about keeping it simple. It works well for really any specialty. It has a left-side nav, showcases a large preview image on the homepage, and allows you to add collections to your portfolio - not just individual galleries - so you can feature nested content.  



Downtown is great for events or commercial photography. It features a full-width homepage image and oversized gallery thumbnails for a look that’s both simple and bold at the same time.  



Pivot’s homepage is structured almost like a blog, with a long vertical scroll and the option for longer image captions, making it great for storytelling. You can also choose between left-side or top nav here.   



East is similar to Element in its simplistic style and left-side nav, but with just a touch more flair. Its homepage features an interactive grid of large thumbnails, and easy filtering so site visitors can focus on what interests them most.  



Horizon works best for commercial, editorial and wedding photographers. It's got a horizontal scroll (a really good option if you like that slideshow feel), and also lets you add longer gallery descriptions right on the homepage.   



Shuffle really grabs viewers with its homepage photo wall and interactive filters. A great choice if you have busy clients who want an overview of what you do, but need to find something specific fast.  



Sonnet is all about telling a story, which makes it perfect for documentary photographers and photojournalists. Full bleed presentations, lots of space for gallery descriptions and a mobile-focused design are just a few of the features that make this template one of our most unique.  

 For more on Sonnet, see our detailed help article, here 



Promenade is great for event, action or editorial photographers who like to showcase their work across a wide set of galleries. It has a full width homepage and gallery filmstrip for quicker access to lots of images at once.   



Marquee is a great choice for commercial or fine art photographers who shoot multiple styles or subject matter. With a clean yet bold layout, the tabs on the homepage here allow site visitors to focus on one specialty or project at a time. With Marquee you can also add collections to your portfolio.  

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