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Welcome to the new PhotoShelter Community Q&A forum. This is your resource for asking and answering questions about how to use PhotoShelter’s tools and make the most of what we provide for your business. This forum is strictly meant for questions from the PhotoShelter community to be answered by the PhotoShelter community.

The PhotoShelter Community Q&A forum was designed to be a helpful knowledge base for PhotoShelter members. It is a living repository of questions and corresponding answers about how to use PhotoShelter. It is not meant for overall product feedback, general discussion, bug reporting or opinions. 

Read on for further details and guidelines on what types of questions to ask here, who will answer them, and how this forum is moderated.


Guidelines for Posting Questions  

If you have a question about any of the following, feel free to ask it here:

  • How to use our service in general or make the most of what we have to offer
  • How to best use a particular PhotoShelter feature or tool
  • How to accomplish a specific task using PhotoShelter or advice on general workarounds 

When crafting your posts, please keep the following in mind:

Is the information in your question (or the answer you hope to receive!) something another PhotoShelter member could benefit from re: his/her business, website, sales, etc.?

If the answer to the above is “no,” please do not post your question here. 

Basically, if you are having trouble figuring out how something works, either generally or for your specific situation, the likelihood is that other PhotoShelter members have faced the same issue in the past. So go ahead and post away! 


Here's what you should refrain from posting:

  • Bug reports
  • Urgent issues requiring immediate assistance
    • Please call our Client Services team with all time-sensitive issues at 212.206.0808 between the hours of 9am - 6pm ET, Monday - Friday. Otherwise, please email them at
  • Product feedback, feature requests, or opinions 

To maintain the integrity of this forum's search and ensure the usefulness of this tool as a true platform for Q&A, PhotoShelter moderators will remove the above mentioned content. 


Who exactly is answering my questions?

The PhotoShelter community is filled with over 80,000 photographers who know their stuff when it comes to our products and services. If you have a question on just about any issue, chances are another PhotoShelter member (likely many!) will have an answer for you.  

To be super clear (if we haven’t been clear enough already), the Q&A forum is for and by PhotoShelter members. PhotoShelter staff will not answer questions here. (Please note the forum is just another resource for getting help when you need it, but you may always contact us directly with questions or concerns instead of/or in addition to using this tool. 


Who’s in charge?

The success of this forum depends on members like you asking and responding to questions. We (the PhotoShelter staff) will make sure the forum remains a useful tool for everyone. That might mean removing posts that don’t fit with the rules of the road, but it will also mean following up with those of you who may need additional assistance (or who aren't finding the answers you need here), and more. At the end of the day, we want to make sure all of our members are receiving the help they need as efficiently as possible, and we hope this new forum, alongside our Support Center and live Client Services staff, will allow you to do just that. 


If you have any questions about this forum, please feel free to get in touch:

Still have questions? Contact us.


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