Configuring Your Payment Processor - PayPal

PayPal is a service that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive money online. Use PayPal with PhotoShelter to accept payment via credit card or any other payment method supported by PayPal's Payments Standard service, including international currency. It's important to remember that PayPal charges a percentage based on volume per month. Please refer to the PayPal website for specific information. Your PayPal account needs to be properly configured to work with PhotoShelter.

Note: You need a Business or Premier Account in order to use PayPal as your payment processor with PhotoShelter. These accounts allow you to use the PayPal Payments Standard service, which is necessary for you to be able to accept credit card payments.


Setting Up to Sell with PayPal

1. Log in at 

2. After login, scroll down the page and you will see a box labeled Selling Tools towards the bottom left.  

3. Click Seller Preferences.

Note: The following instructions are based on the PayPal USA interface; these instructions may vary slightly based on your country of residence.

4. Under the Selling online, Getting paid and managing my risk, and Shipping my items sections, confirm the following settings and make necessary changes by clicking its corresponding blue Update link.

Under the Getting paid and managing my risk section, make sure to click the Update link for Instant payment notifications, and on the following page, click the Choose IPN Settings button. Then, on the Edit Instant Payment Notification (IPN) settings page, enter into the Notification URL field, choose Receive IPN messages (Enabled), and click Save. IPN is essential for making sure your PayPal account can send information to PhotoShelter properly, so you must follow these instructions exactly.

5. Click the blue Update link to Website preferences.

In order for you to receive real-time payment status updates - and for buyers to be returned to PhotoShelter after having made their purchase in a PayPal pop-up window - the following options on this page must be set.

  • Auto Return for Website Payments: set to ON

  • Return URL may be (although this is not required; if you have this set for another website already, there is no need to change it)

  • Payment Data Transfer (optional): set to ON

  • Payment Account Optional: set to ON

  • Encrypted Website Payment: set to OFF

6. After you've saved your preferences, click Back to Profile Summary

7. Head back over to your PhotoShelter account, click Sell > Sales Settings, and choose PayPal from the list of available payment processors.

8. Enter the email address you use to log into PayPal into the PayPal Email Address field, and save/update your settings.  


What Buyers See

Your clients will add images to the PhotoShelter shopping cart and proceed to checkout. When the final confirmation page appears, a pop-up window will direct them to the PayPal site to settle the transaction. Once the payment has settled, their purchase will be fulfilled.

Note: At this time you can only select one payment option type, either PayPal, Stripe, or a Merchant Account.


Changing Your Currency

Your PhotoShelter currency is set to USD by default, but if you wish to sell via one of the currencies listed below, you may change your currency from within your PhotoShelter account to display prices to your buyers accordingly. 

1. Click Sell > Sales Settings. 

2. Click the Edit settings button.

3. From the Currency preference menu, select the currency of your choosing from the provided list. 


Which currencies does PayPal support?

PayPal accepts the following currencies:

    • Canadian Dollar
    • Euro
    • British Pound
    • U.S. Dollar
    • Japanese Yen
    • Australian Dollar
    • New Zealand Dollar
    • Swiss Franc
    • Hong Kong Dollar
    • Singapore Dollar
    • Swedish Krona
    • Danish Krone
    • Polish Zloty
    • Norwegian Krone
    • Hungarian Forint
    • Czech Koruna
    • Israeli New Shekel
    • Mexican Peso
    • Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
    • Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members)
    • Philippine Peso
    • New Taiwan Dollar
    • Thai Baht
    • Turkish Lira (only for Turkish members)


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