Navigating Your Admin Area

Learn your way around the back-end

Get to know the Admin Area navigation bar, which is your map to every page in your PhotoShelter account.


1. Home

Clicking "Home" will bring you to the Member Homepage for your PhotoShelter account, where you will find account stats, website analytics, announcements, resources, and general information about your PhotoShelter account.

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2. Images

This links to your Image Browser, the heart of your PhotoShelter account. Here, you'll find:

  • All of your photos

  • Galleries

  • Collections

  • Internal image search

  • The Web Uploader to add images to existing galleries

  • Actions for managing images, galleries, and collections

  • Image information

  • Tools for setting visibility and permissions


3. Website

This area houses everything you need to customize your public website:

  • Design & Customize: Enter your Site Builder, where you will customize your portfolio, and see your edits as you make them

  • Archive Page Settings: Edit your site preferences and your individual archive pages 

  • General Settings: Use your own domain, track your site's stats using Google Analytics, etc. 

  • Image Security: Watermarking, image theft guard, enable low-res comp downloads

  • Statistics: Public image views

  • Embeddable Search: Grab HTML code for a public archive search bar to place on any external website 


4. Sell

All the tools for setting up and managing your sales:

  • My Sales: All of your invoices (pending and complete)

  • Pricing Profiles: Set prices, choose what you want to sell, and enable automated fulfillment

  • Image Packages: Allow images to be grouped together for a set price

  • Self-Fulfillment: Create your own products to sell

  • Print Vendor Network: Get connected to over 190 print vendors worldwide

  • Sales Tax: Configure your sales tax settings

  • Coupons: Offer promotional pricing and discounts for your customers

  • Sales Settings: Choose how you'd like to be paid


5. Clients

Manage your client relationships and activity through these resources:

  • Address Book: Manage your contacts, assign Trusted Client download permissions and Invoiced Client status, and import contacts from Google or Yahoo!

  • Lightboxes: Share and collaborate with clients

  • Shopping Carts: Keep track of what's in your clients' shopping carts

  • Download Logs: See who has been downloading your photos

  • Account Signups: View accounts created from your PhotoShelter site

  • FTP (Outgoing): Set up FTP destinations for exporting images from your account


6. Upload Menu

Add images with the Web Uploader, or learn more about all uploading options:

  • To New Gallery: Create a new gallery, and use the Web Uploader to start uploading immediately

  • Incoming FTP: Set up credentials for uploading to your account via FTP

  • All Upload Methods: Read up on all of our upload methods


7. Hi, You!

Access your account information and more:

  • My Account: Review billing info, statements, and credits; add storage or upgrade your account; change your password; view invites and more

  • Contact Info/Directory: Enter your contact information, and opt into the Photographer Directory

  • Lattice Profile: View your profile page on Lattice, our new community where you can discover, share and connect with some of the most amazing photography around
  • Virtual Agency: Come together with like-minded photographers to co-market your images

  • Refer-a-Friend: Suggest PhotoShelter to your peers, and get account credits in return

  • Benefits & Discounts: Get access to members-only discounts

  • Log Out: End your current PhotoShelter session


8. My Site Link

Opens your website in a separate browser window or tab.


9. Help

Leads you to our Client Services contact information, Community Q&A forum, and all support documentation, including:

  • Written help tutorials

  • Recorded webinars

  • Video how-to's

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