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The Web Uploader, built into your Image Browser with HTML5, is generally the simplest method for uploading images to your PhotoShelter account. To use the Web Uploader for adding images to a brand new gallery, use the upload menu in your Admin Area site navigation; for uploading to an existing gallery, select a gallery and use the button in the Right Pane of your Image Browser, or drag and drop images directly into your Image Browser’s Center Pane.

View all upload methods to learn how to import images via our official Adobe Lightroom plug-in, our desktop uploader, FTP and more. 


Using the Web Uploader 

1Log in to your account and click the UPLOAD menu from the Navigation Bar.


2. Choose "to New Gallery." This will take you to your Image Browser where a pop-up window will appear prompting you to name the new gallery and set the gallery’s visibility. 


3Set the visibility of your gallery. (In other words, when a visitor clicks on this URL, what happens -- must they enter a password, log in, or can they freely enter? For more on this, check out our detailed Visibility & Access tutorial.)   

Note: If you're using Internet Explorer, you'll have to select images one at a time, as IE doesn't yet allow multiple file selection. In the meantime, try another browser or the Desktop Uploader.


4. The upload will begin automatically. When the images are finished uploading, a new window will pop up with Upload Completed and a list of the number of images that were successfully uploaded.   




Note: While the Web Uploader is the simplest upload method, if you are dealing with very large file sizes and uploading more than 500 images at one time, we recommend using one of the other provided upload methods.


A few additional things to be aware of regarding the Web Uploader:

  • By default, the Web Uploader will skip images that already exist in the system. You may change this setting to allow dupes, and you may even replace already uploaded images in batch by choosing the Replace existing images option from the drop-down menu.

    Note: If you choose to replace already uploaded images, please be aware that both the pixel data and the IPTC information will be overwritten. What will be preserved, however, are the PhotoShelter-specific settings such as Pricing, Searchability, Hidden/Visible, Model & Property Release, etc., which may have existed previously for the image in the system.

  • If an image hasn't yet been uploaded, click the x on the thumbnail to remove it from the queue.

  • To view more images at the same time, try collapsing the Left and/or Right Panes, or use the Clear Completed text link to remove already uploaded images.

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