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As of April 8, 2015, Apple officially discontinued Aperture. PhotoShelter no longer actively supports this plugin. We suggest using other upload methods instead.


Apple Aperture is a professional, multi-image editing tool that many professionals use to manage their workflows, particularly when working with large batches of images and/or RAW files.

By downloading and installing the PhotoShelter plugin for Apple Aperture, you'll add the time-saving ability to upload directly from Aperture to PhotoShelter -- no need to launch another application just to transfer images. 

Download PhotoShelter's Aperture Plugin (v2.0.4).

Note: Compatible with Apple Aperture versions 2.1 and 3, with the exception of v3.3.2


Installing the Aperture Plugin

1. Upon successfully downloading the PhotoShelter Aperture plugin, locate and double-click the .dmg file

2. If you are running Apple's Mountain Lion (version 10.8) on your Mac, skip to the next step. If not, double-click the .pkg file you see here.


3. Follow the Installer instructions to complete the install. 





Exporting Images to PhotoShelter Using the Aperture Plugin

1. Select the files you want to upload. Then, navigate to File > Export > Upload to PhotoShelter.


2. You need to enter your PhotoShelter login details before you can initiate an upload. After entering in both required fields, click Log In.


A successful login will look like this:


Note: Due to a bug in Apple OS X v10.7 (Lion), Aperture will not remember your login information and may require you to re-enter your password after each upload.

3. Choose the destination for your upload (or create a new one), and make any other adjustments you'd like. Click "Export" to start the upload.

4. When the upload has been properly started, your screen should look like this. When an upload is in progress, you'll see a spinning wheel.


That's it! When your upload is complete, the upload log window will report a SUCCESS status.



Note: PhotoShelter does not provide support for Apple Aperture itself (only the PhotoShelter plugin). For technical support, visit the Aperture website

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