Selling Your Work


PhotoShelter’s built-in shopping cart allows you to sell prints, products, downloads, and licenses directly from your website. You decide how much you want to charge, how you want to get paid, and which images you want to sell.

1. Set Prices

How much do you want to charge? 

Create Pricing Profiles to determine prices for each type of print, product, download, or license you wish to sell. If you choose to sell a physical print or product, this is also where you’ll choose how you want to fulfill those orders. 

2. Choose a Payment Processor

How do you want to get paid?

A payment processor will allow you to receive money from clients when they purchase from you. You can choose from PayPal, Stripe, or your own merchant account (via NetBilling or With any of these processors, you'll receive all funds immediately at the point of sale. 

3. Apply Pricing

Which images do you want to sell?

Apply the Pricing Profiles you've created to the images you wish to sell. Until you tell us which images should be associated with which Pricing Profiles, your images will not be available for sale. 


When clients purchase from your website, we'll ask them to either log into a PhotoShelter free buyer account, or proceed using the Guest Checkout option. Once a sale is made, you'll receive an email from us with all the details. You can also view a record of all sales made in the My Sales section of your account. 


Charges and Fees

When you sell, you'll be charged a transaction fee on the total amount of your sale. If you've sold prints via one of our integrated print partners, you will also be charged for the wholesale costs of those products (imposed by each individual print partner). Each month we’ll bill you for any transaction fees you’ve incurred from the prior month’s sales, as well as any wholesale costs incurred from any print sales you'd made the previous month. 

However you choose to sell your images – whether it’s prints and products, packages, royalty-free, rights-managed, or electronic personal use – you will always retain your copyright as dictated by our licensing agreements.

Your transaction fee is determined by your account type:

  • Pro: 8%

  • Standard: 9%

  • Basic: 10%

  • Starter: 30%




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