Getting Started with Multi-User (Legacy)

PhotoShelter Multi-User (MU) accounts allow multiple users to access a single archive. Each image in the organization's account belongs to the organization but can be attributed to photographers connected to the organization.

User Types Within the MU Structure


  • The MU account includes five (5) Editor seats by default. Each additional seat is a paid seat.

  • At least one Editor in each organization must be designated as the Administrator, which gives him or her access to create and assign Permission Sets and add or remove users.

  • Editors have access to all collections and galleries (i.e. The MU Image Browser) within an organization. 

  • All Editors can upload images. They can also optionally be named as a Photographer within the organization.


  • Contributors do not have access to the organization's Image Browser. 

  • In most cases, Contributors have upload access. (Read more about how to upload as a Contributor here.)

  • Contributors may or may not be named as a Photographer within the organization.

    Note: Identifying a user as a Photographer within your organization allows you to attribute images to those users. In turn, you can search images by a specific Photographer.

  • There is an unlimited number of Contributor seats.


If you are the person who registered with PhotoShelter for an MU account, then you have automatically been designated as the Administrator (and therefore also an Editor). These are the basic steps to getting set up with your account.


Setting Up Your MU

1. The first step is to set up your organization's users and permissions. Select Organization Name > Users & Permissions from the Navigation Bar.

2. Next, set up a Permission Set. If you're not there already, click the Permission Sets tab and then click the Create a New Permission Set link. Even if you are the only user of your MU account, you will need to set up a Permission Set.


Name your Permission Set, and then specify the privileges you wish to grant to this set. Anyone to whom you assign this set will have the permissions defined here. When you have made your selection, click the Submit button.

You can edit a Permission Set at any time by clicking the blue edit link next to its name. Read more about setting up Permission Sets.

3. Click the Editors tab to assign your newly created Permission Set. If you want to grant yourself permissions, click the blue edit link next to your name.

Select the Permission Set from the drop-down menu. You can also designate this person as an Administrator (someone who has full access to the account) and/or a Photographer. Remember that identifying a user as a Photographer within your organization allows you to attribute images to them.

Click the Submit button to commit your changes, and then click back to Users & Permissions.


4. Now you should add the names of any other Editors. Remember that Editors have access to your Image Browser (i.e. all collections and galleries in your account). Make sure to follow the same steps for adding a Permission Set and to list them as Photographer if you intend to attribute images to them.  

5. To add a Contributor -- those whom you want to grant the ability to upload but who should not have access to the organization's Image Browser -- click the Contributors tab, then click the Add a new Contributor link.

Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to be a Contributor. Click the Continue button and, assuming they do not already have a PhotoShelter account, you will be promoted to enter their First and Last Name. If they already have an account, then you will skip below.


On the next page, set upload privileges and Photographer designation by checking the appropriate checkboxes. Finally, indicate whether you'd like to send an invitation email (recommended) and preview the automated email message. When you're ready, click the Submit button.

Note: If you represent a photographer who is no longer active or does not have an email address, you can click Add a new Contributor, then click the link to add users with no email address. This will add them to the photographer list without linking them to an actual PhotoShelter account. You can also always edit the attributions that you originally assigned in the Contributors tab.


6. When you're done adding Editors and Contributors (at least for now!), you can start creating galleries and uploading images. Essentially, any Editor uploads to the Image Browser like all PhotoShelter members, while Contributors have a different process. Read more about uploading to MU accounts here

7. Your final step (optional) might be to add any Trusted Clients. To learn more, head over to our detailed Trusted Client Download tutorial. 

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