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Your homepage is almost always the first thing people see when they come to your website. So it's important to feature galleries that best represent you and your work. Adding featured galleries to your homepage is a great way to engage visitors because the galleries will appear with an image preview, as opposed to simply being listed on your site. 


Featuring Galleries on your Homepage

1. Select Website from the Navigation Bar and then select Archive Page Settings from the navigation on the left-hand side. From the list of pages displayed there, select My Homepage. 

2. Under Page Options > Homepage modeselect Display with Featured galleries or Display with photo wall

3.  Locate Featured galleries and click the Add/Edit button. If you're in Manual Customization Mode, the Add/Edit button appears below the template. Either way, this will prompt the following pop-up. 

4. Choose the gallery you want to feature in the left-hand column, either by typing the name into the field or by clicking "browse" and selecting a gallery from the list. 


5. Once you've chosen a gallery, click Add as Large Featured Gallery or Add as Small Featured Gallery

  • Large Featured Galleries can be 500px-1000px, depending on what you've chosen for your Screen Image Size in your homepage options. You may choose up to six galleries to feature at the large size.

  • Small Featured Galleries can be 100px-200px, based on the Thumbnail Size you choose. You may choose up to 15 galleries to feature at the small size.

6. If you add multiple galleries, you can drag and drop them into your desired sequence.  

7. Once you're done adding galleries and have adjusted the sequence to your liking, click Save Changes

8. Finally, click the blue Save Page Layout button at the bottom of My Homepage to commit this change to your website's homepage.

9. An alternative way of featuring galleries is to navigate to the Image Browser and select a gallery. In the Right Pane, select the Feature or add to portfolio button (only visible for those using our Classic Websites Platform). Choose whether you want this to be a large or small featured gallery.


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