Classic Websites Platform: Uploading Your Logo

One of the easiest ways to personalize your website
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You have the option to display a logo at the top of your website pages using the Site Logo tool. Depending on which theme you choose, we recommend a size for you to upload. (We do not scale your logo.) If you choose not to upload a logo, the name with which you registered your PhotoShelter account will display in this area by default. If you don't want your account name to display, you can use the My Site Name field to replace your name with alternate text. 

The Site Logo tool is only available if you're using a PhotoShelter theme. If you're in Manual Customization Mode, you will need to review the Manual Customization Technical Documentation.


Using Your Own Logo

1. Select Website from the Navigation Bar and locate the Site Logo tool under the list of available themes.  

2. Note the maximum recommended size for an uploaded logo in your chosen theme. Then click the Choose File button and upload the appropriate file from your computer.


Alternatively, you may source your logo from another place on the web. (It could be an image on your personal website, a publicly available PhotoShelter image, or an image from another image hosting site like Select Use an external URL for my logo and enter the direct link to the image in this box.

3. If you want your logo to link someplace particular, enter a URL in the box titled Link my logo/sitename to this URL. If you do not enter a URL, your logo will automatically link to your PhotoShelter website's homepage. 

If you have a personal website into which you are integrating your PhotoShelter pages, you'll likely want to enter the URL of your personal website into this field. 

4. Click the Save Changes button and the logo will automatically propagate on your website.  


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