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Controlling what appears in your website's footer
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The Footer Text appears at the bottom of every page of your website. We suggest putting contact and copyright information here. Remember, clients and buyers love being able to find your contact info easily!


Customizing Your Footer

1. Select Website from the Navigation Bar and then scroll down until you see the Footer Text tool.

Note: You must be using a PhotoShelter theme in order to use this tool. If you are in Manual Customization Mode, you will have to customize your footer manually, within the HTML/CSS that defines your Master Template. Read more on this here

2. This field supports our Rich Editor, so you can simply type in the text you want to appear in the footer. We auto-format the text as HTML unless you use the "HTML" tab to submit custom code.


It is important to note that the footer will always maintain the following structure:


(c) [Name] | Contact | [Your custom footer text]


[Name] cannot be edited in this section. Your name, as it appears in your site's footer, is automatically drawn from the name with which you registered your PhotoShelter account. If you don't want your account name to display, you can use the My Site Name field to replace your name with alternate text. 

3. Click the Save Changes button to commit your additions or any changes you may have made, and the text will automatically appear on your website.


Note: You will not be able to control your site's footer from within your PhotoShelter settings if you are using the Graph Paper Press theme (i.e., if you have integrated your PhotoShelter website with your Graph Paper Press themed WordPress blog). If you're using Graph Paper Press, please refer to your WordPress admin area for more information on customizing your footer.

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