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The navigation bar on your public website
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When using one of our themes, the navigation is the area either at the top or on the left-hand side of your website. It appears on every page of your site, and allows visitors to navigate from one page to another.


Customizing Your Website's Navigation 

1. Select Website from the Navigation Bar and scroll down this page until you see the Navigation tool.


2. Choose which pages of your website you would like linked from your site's navigation. You can do this by checking/unchecking the box next to the title of each page you wish to add/remove. Here's a brief explanation of all the available pages, with links to more information:

Links to your website's Gallery List page.
Links to your website's Advanced Search page.
Links to the Lightboxes that you and your clients have created.
Shopping Cart
Displays as "Cart" or as a shopping cart symbol, and allows site visitors to preview the shopping cart and purchase images. (Visitors may only make purchases if you have priced images for sale.)
My Account
Allows a visitor who has created a free image buyer account (or if you've created one on their behalf) to log in and access their general account information, gallery invitations, past purchases, etc.
Links to your About page.
Links to your Contact Form.
Links to your Portfolio page.

Note: Removing a page from your site's navigation does not completely hide the content of the page from being publicly discoverable via other methods (like a Google search, for instance). Site visitors will see no reference to the page on your site, but it may still be possible to find it via a Google search, or something of the like. In addition to removing the link from your site's navigation, make sure to delete the page content if you do not wish for search engines to index it.

3. If you have a blog, you can enter its URL in the designated area. This will automatically put a link in your navigation that says "Blog."

4. If you're using one of our themes, you have the option to use two Custom Pages, which you can name and design however you like. If you're using Custom Pages and would like to link to them from your navigation, insert their names in the spaces provided and they will automatically appear. Read more about Custom Pages here

5. When you have made all your choices, be sure to click the Save Changes button. Then you can view your website to see your updated navigation.


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