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Different fonts for different themes
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PhotoShelter's automatic integration with Typekit, a pioneer of web-based typography, allows you to choose from a selection of real fonts for your website just by switching themes.

Typekit's technology liberates web design by using open standards like javascript and CSS to deliver fonts to your computer on demand, freeing us from the finite set of standard fonts that are locally stored on people's computers.


Choosing a Theme/Font

We've hand-selected a variety of Typekit fonts and have baked them into different styles for each PhotoShelter theme. There's no extra step required for you - all you need to do is browse through each theme and style and choose the look and corresponding font that works with your aesthetic.

In order to display a Typekit font, PhotoShelter references a set of different font kits which we have created through Typekit. When you switch themes, the kit is registered nearly instantaneously for those customers using a * URL. To learn more about picking your website theme, click here.


Typekit and Your CNAME

If you are using a CNAME (custom domain) in association with your PhotoShelter account, we use the Typekit API to register and validate your domain. In this instance, fonts can take up to several minutes to display. So CNAME users, keep this in mind as you browse through various styles - you may not see the fonts rendering right away.

In the instance where a Typekit font cannot display - either due to the CNAME delay, a very slow load time, or another unforeseen hiccup - we will always display a backup local font, so your visitors always see the intended text in a presentable form. Additionally, if you click the "View Site" button, you will see a message when the font has not loaded yet.


Choosing a Different Font 

With a Typekit account and some manual coding, you can add the Typekit javascript into your Master Template, create a kit for the font set you want, and add the appropriate CSS.  


Font List

The Typekit fonts we use in PhotoShelter's themes and styles are as follows:

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