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Display page for galleries within collections
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The Gallery Collection Display page will display the list of galleries and collections within a nested collection. Each gallery or collection within the given collection is represented by a thumbnail - that gallery's or collection's cover image. To access these Gallery Collection Display settings, go to your navigation bar and click Website > Archive Page Settings > Gallery Collection Display.


Page Options

Show # of items in thumb:
You can show the number of items within a gallery or collection (this will appear in text on your public site within the thumbnail).
Search Collection box:
This enables a search field which crawls images in these galleries and collections only. Because this particular search function is restricted to the gallery or collection, the images do not have to be marked as publicly searchable to be returned in search results.

Note: Check the boxes next to these options and click the Save Page Layout button if you'd like to include them on your public site.


Meta Data Options

Page Title
Common SEO intelligence indicates that properly keyworded page titles are one of the most heavily weighted components in determining a site's search-engine placement. For your Gallery Collection Display page, we generate the page titles for you by default using your gallery and collection names.
Meta Description
In visiting a page, search-engine crawlers routinely check for a brief, high-level description of a page in its "meta" element. For your Gallery Collection Display page, we dynamically generate this behind-the-scenes description for you using your gallery collection descriptions.

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