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The Search Results page is the page that displays the results of a search performed from your website. The search results your site visitor sees after performing a search will always be presented as a series of thumbnails. To access these Search Results settings, go to your navigation bar and click Website > Archive Page Settings > Search Results.


Page Options


Add to Cart Link
If you have priced images for sale, an Add to Cart button or link will appear above or beside the thumbnails depending on the theme you are using, allowing the client to see pricing/purchasing options for all of the images in the search results at once or add all of the images in the search results to the shopping cart at once for immediate purchase/license. The Add to Cart button/link will not display to your site visitors if your search results exceed 1,000 images.
Text for "Add to Cart" link
The Text for Add to Cart Link field allows you to rename the Add to Cart button/link as desired by placing your chosen text into the provided field. This will give you the opportunity to market the button/link however you'd like.
User-Selectable Display Options
If this feature is enabled, your site visitors will be presented with the option to view all of the images presented in the search results at once. The Thumbnails Per Page number you select in your Website Settings will be the default, but the visitor will have the option to choose View All instead and/or go back to your default number. The View All option will not display if your search results exceed 500 images. Instead, the option to view 500 thumbnails per page will appear alongside your default.
Mouse-over Image Preview
When this feature is turned on, the site visitor is able to hover his/her mouse over a thumbnail to see a larger preview version as well as a few pieces of information about the image: filename, dimensions, and caption.
Refine Search Box
A Refine Search link will appear above the thumbnails on the Search Results page, allowing the site visitor to refine the search criteria. Once clicked, this link will expand a series of search options.
Display Filenames
Your individual image filenames will display on the thumbnails if this option is selected.
Display IPTC Fields
Here we provide you with the option to display your individual image captions, headlines, or titles on the thumbnails.
Post to Social Networks
A number of social networking options, including a Facebook "Like" button and a "Tweet This" option, will display above or beside the thumbnails or below the slideshow depending on the display option you have chosen as well as the theme you are using. More on this feature can be found here.


Meta Data Options

Page Title

Common SEO intelligence indicates that properly keyworded page titles are one of the most heavily weighted components in determining a site's search-engine placement. For your Search Results page, we generate the page titles for you by default.

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