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The Gallery List page is the page of your website that lists the galleries and collections that are in your Listed on Website section of the Image Browser. Each gallery and collection is represented by a thumbnail - that gallery/collections' cover image. To access these Gallery List settings, go to your navigation bar and click Website > Archive Page Settings > Gallery List.


Page Options

There are only a few page options for the Gallery List page, and this is because there is not much you can do here other than click on a gallery or collection in order to view the images within. However, we do allow you a couple of choices regarding the display of the page itself.


The Gallery Label field controls the text that displays in the header for each section on your Gallery List page. You could decide to reference galleries as "Albums," for example. If this were your choice, you would simply remove the text from the Gallery Label field and replace it with the word "Albums." 


Meta Data Options

Page Title
Common SEO intelligence indicates that properly keyworded page titles are one of the most heavily weighted components in determining a site's search-engine placement. Carefully choosing keywords for this page can be a huge SEO win.
The title of a page is also how the page will be named in your visitors' browser bookmarks, site history, etc., so it's important to make sure this accurately represents the page's content.
Meta Description
In visiting a page, search-engine crawlers routinely check for a brief, high-level description of a page in its "meta" element. For some pages, we dynamically generate this behind-the-scenes description for you, but for your Gallery List page, you can define exactly what you want it to say (up to 200 characters).
Furthermore, this is the preview description that appears in Google and other-search engine results, so it could be a visitor's first experience with your site - don't leave this to chance!

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