Classic Websites Platform: Matching Your PhotoShelter Site to Your WordPress Site

HAVE A RESPONSIVE TEMPLATE? If so, please instead consult the 
Responsive Templates section for support. 


Once you've chosen a Graph Paper Press theme and your blog is fully set up, you can match your PhotoShelter website's look and feel to your Graph Paper Press theme.


Matching your PhotoShelter Site to your GPP Wordress Site

1. Select Website from the navigation bar. Under Website Themes, choose the Graph Paper Press template for your PhotoShelter website.


2. Select your GPP theme from the Theme Style drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

3. Select your desired Thumbnail Size, Screen Image Size, and Constrain Height.

  • Thumbnail Size:Determines the size of the thumbnail images wherever they appear on your website.

  • Screen Image Size: Determines the size of images elsewhere on your website.
  • Constrain Height: Constraining the height will make your vertical images' heights the same as your horizontal images' heights, so it doesn't apply any cropping.

Click the Save Changes button when you're done.

4. A new area will now appear below your Theme selection called Match Your Site to Your Wordpress Blog. This is where you need to enter the URL of any post on your blog in order to integrate your Graph Paper Press blog with your PhotoShelter website. 

5. Enter the URL of any post on your blog into our template generator.


Note: This generator's function is essentially to take a snapshot of your blog's header and footer at a moment in time and copy this snapshot over to your PhotoShelter site to be used forever. This means that if you change your blog's header and footer (or you have latest blog entries included in either location), these changes will *not* automatically update on the PhotoShelter side. So before running the generator, you may want to at least temporarily remove anything from your blog's header and footer that will quickly become dated on your PhotoShelter site.

For similar reasons, you'll want to make sure that you're satisfied with your blog's design before you run the generator. You can always re-run the generator if needed, but you'll save time if you finalize your blog before moving to your PhotoShelter design.

6. Be sure to click the Submit button (or Update button if this is your second go-round.)


A note on Gridspace: If you are integrating with the Gridspace theme, please note that your side navigation will disappear due to formatting limitations during the PhotoShelter checkout process, if you are engaging in e-commerce. Your client should still have no trouble completing his or her purchase, and the navigation will remain on all other sections of your site.

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