Classic Websites Platform: Graph Paper Press & PhotoShelter Integration Overview

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A GPP design integrated with your WordPress blog and PS site



Through PhotoShelter's partnership with Graph Paper Press  - which offers sleek, visually driven themes for WordPress blogs - you may easily integrate your PhotoShelter website and a blog. Without any web design experience, you can seamlessly match the look and feel of your PhotoShelter site and your blog, creating a consistent brand experience for your web presence.

Bonus: Use the following free plugins to easily and dynamically update your blog with your most recent PhotoShelter content: 


GPP & PS Integration: An Overview

1. Get WordPress. (To run WordPress on your own server, download version 3.0 or higher from – it’s free! To have someone else handle the hosting, sign up with a Graph Paper Press Pro account.) 

2. Choose from one our 15 supported Graph Paper Press themes, and buy that theme (or a theme subscription) from GPP. (If you’ve opted for GPP’s Pro Hosting, themes are included). 

3. Install and activate the Graph Paper Press theme on your WordPress site.

4. Configure your WordPress site to your liking (install plugins, add menus, customize appearance). 

5. In your PhotoShelter website setup, choose the Graph Paper Press theme, and run our configurator, which customizes your PhotoShelter site to look exactly like your WordPress site. 

Check out these examples.

Graph Paper Press

Note: Non-Graph Paper Press users can still match the look and feel of their websites and blogs through Manual Customization Mode, but we don't offer the tools to automate that process.


WordPress Basics: Choosing a Solution is an open source publishing/blogging platform popular for its flexibility and power. To use it properly, you need to maintain the WordPress software on your own server outside of PhotoShelter (or use another service that manages installation and hosting, such as Graph Paper Press’s Pro solution).

Once you have WordPress up and running, you may purchase and install a Graph Paper Press theme. (This step isn’t necessary for Graph Paper Press Pro subscribers, as all GPP themes come pre-installed your hosted WordPress account). Graph Paper Press offers a range of beautiful and mobile-optimized WordPress themes designed with the photographer in mind, and these can be easily installed on any existing site.

Graph Paper Press themes do not work with sites. (This is because - a lighter, free version of the blog tool that's akin to Blogger or TypePad - does not allow custom themes or plugins to be installed.)


Getting Started & Pricing

Graph Paper Press has several service levels and packages designed for different types of users. For more information, please visit the Graph Paper Press pricing page. 

Service Levels 

Best For




GPP Theme Club Subscription - Annual Plan

Tech whizzes or those who already have WordPress installed


Requires self-installation of WordPress

Sign up!

GPP Theme Club Subscription - Forever Plan

Tech whizzes or those who already have WordPress installed

And are ready to commit to Lifetime GPP Theme access

$299/one time 

Requires self-installation of WordPress

Sign up! 

Graph Paper Press Single Theme Purchase

Those who already have WordPress installed, and only need access to a one given theme of their choosing


Includes 1 year of support and tutorial access, regular theme updates and unlimited concurrent domain uses

Sign up!

Graph Paper Press Pro

Users who want a fully customizable blog but who do not yet have hosting and need help getting WordPress set up


2-minute setup; comes with your own email address; allows addition of any WordPress theme and plugin

Sign up!



You will need the following ingredients for the integration:

1. A WordPress blog that has one of the following Graph Paper Press themes installed:

* Child theme of Modularity (requires Modularity be installed first)
** Child theme of Base (requires Base be installed first)

2. A PhotoShelter Standard or Pro account. If you have a Starter or Basic account, you can upgrade here.

Don't have an account yet? Please see the above section, WordPress Basics.
Are you using another GPP theme? Let us know which themes you'd like to see added.

Note: If you have the WordPress Minify plugin installed, it will be required that you temporarily disable it as it prevents us from properly pulling in your blog's code.


Installing Plugins

In addition to a seamless look and feel between your blog and PhotoShelter website, by opting for a Graph Paper Press blog theme you'll also have access to a variety of plugins for WordPress that harness the power of PhotoShelter.

These include:

  • Adding links to your PhotoShelter site from your blog's navigation.

  • Embedding a gallery slideshow in your blog's sidebar.

  • Enabling search of your PhotoShelter archive from your blog.

  • Automatically displaying all gallery updates in your blog.

  • Without leaving your blog, adding PhotoShelter images and/or galleries to blog posts. 

You can download the plugins here:


Graph Paper Press also offers a limited number of free themes. A free account does not give you access to premium themes, support from the Graph Paper Press team, automatic updates, or Graph Paper Press' complete video tutorial library. Learn more about the Freebie plan.

If you also need a hosting option for your theme, Graph Paper Press offers WordPress Web Hosting for $35/month. The tech specs include:

  • 100gb of bandwidth per month

  • 35gb of disk space

  • 64mb of RAM

  • 10 Email Accounts


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