Classic Websites Platform: Graph Paper Press FAQ

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I have a site. Can I use Graph Paper Press with this site?

No. Because is a lighter, more automated version of its open-source parent,, custom themes (other than those available within the interface) are not supported. More on the difference between and


How much does all this cost?

See our comparison chart for pricing details and links.


I have a Graph Paper Press site that isn't one of the supported themes. What do I do?

No worries. You may still use the plugin that allows you to integrate PhotoShelter. As for matching the look and feel of your PhotoShelter site to your blog, this would have to be done manually using HTML/CSS (either by hand or by hiring a designer to help). Also, we add support for new Graph Paper Press themes on an ongoing basis. Let us know which one you’d like to see!


My foreign characters (or various non-alphanumeric) characters look fine on my blog, but they're garbled on my PhotoShelter site.

WordPress uses a different type of character encoding than PhotoShelter does, which in some cases causes distorted rendering on the PhotoShelter side. Often this can be rectified by adding a few extra characters to the code to help HTML recognize the intended character. We may be able help you out with this if needed. Drop us a line if you see any problems.


I keep getting an error message when I run the generator. How do I proceed?

First, check to make sure that your theme version is supported. If you have a very old theme version (pre 2.2), you'll need to upgrade to a newer version for compatibility. If you have a very new theme version, it could be that our generator hasn't been updated to support that yet. If your version is supported and you're still seeing an error message, contact us so we can help get you sorted.


I've made manual changes to my PhotoShelter website code. How do I update my site without overwriting the custom edits?

You may use the manual template generator to view the code and selectively paste the header and footer into your manual customization templates. This way, if you make changes to your GPP site, you can update your PhotoShelter site accordingly while preserving any manual changes you might have made to your PhotoShelter pages.

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