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Below is specific technical documentation for PhotoShelter's Manual Customization option. For a general overview of Manual Customization, click here. For the full list of Manual Customization help resources, click here.

Customization is broken up into three parts:

  1. The global Master Templates

  2. Public Page Templates (e.g. galleries, search)

  3. Customer Page Templates (e.g. My Account, My Purchases — pages that require an authenticated account to view)

Note that templates allow you to lay out the contents within each page's <BODY> tags. Tags such as <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY> are already included and should not be used.


The Master Templates

The Master Template allows you to set global "header" and "footer" elements to be included on every page. This saves you the time and trouble of reproducing blocks of HTML code that are shared on every page of your site.

There are four Master Templates:  

  1. Public Page Master Template

    Defines the look and feel for all public (non-authenticated) pages within the customized site. These include:

    • Fully-customizable Public Page Templates

    • Lightbox pages

    • Shopping Cart pages

    • Login page

    • Signup pages

    • Account password reset pages

  2. Customer Page Master Template 

    Defines the look and feel for the authenticated pages within the customized site. These include:

    • My Account

    • My Gallery Invitations

    • My Purchases

    • My Downloads

    This master template can be essentially identical to the Public Page Master Template except that it may optionally include a sub-navigation for the authenticated area (e.g. My Account, Gallery Invitations, etc). All pages which use the Customer Page Master Template are guaranteed to be logged in (authenticated), so additional functionality such as a "log out" link may also be included. The individual customer pages are not fully customizable because they have a high degree of PhotoShelter functionality that cannot be altered.

  3. Email Master Template (text only) 

    When emails are dispatched from your customized site, the Email Master Template allows you to customize a header and footer for the message body. The text-only version is read by clients who are using text-only mail readers or whose mail readers do not display HTML emails for security reasons.The following emails will have your Email Master Template(s) applied:

    • Gallery/Gallery Collection invitations

    • Lightbox invitations

    • Account activation/password reset emails

    • Shopping Cart purchase confirmation (receipt) emails

    • "Your downloads ready" notice emails

    • Print/product shipping notice emails

  4. Email Master Template (HTML)

    When emails are dispatched from your customized site, the Email Master Template allows you to customize a header and footer for the message body. The HTML version allows you to embed graphics and control the layout of email message. The HTML template is applied to the same emails as the TXT version.

    Note: Formatting HTML emails can be very tricky due to numerous factors involved such as MIME message RFC compliance, ISP spam filtering, and mail reader compatibility (which changes frequently as programs evolve). For more information, try a Google search for "html email guidelines."


Public Page Templates

Public Page Templates
Define the look and feel of the public pages (non-authenticated) pages within your customized site.
About Page
A blank page designed to serve as a home for your biography, mission statement, or other general description
Contact Form
he page the site visitor sees when clicking "Contact" from your main site navigation or your site's footer. This contains your globally set contact info as well as optional custom tex
Advanced Search
A page which allows users to search your image archive by keyword, date, pricing info, and several other fields
Custom Pages 1 and 2
Blank pages that can be named and designed however you'd like
Gallery Collection Display
Displays the list of galleries and options within a given gallery collection
Gallery Display
Displays thumbnails and gallery options for the images contained in a given gallery
Gallery Image Display
The screen resolution (500-1000 pixel) display of a single image that has been enlarged from the gallery thumbnail or slideshow view
Gallery List
A list of all your publicly listed galleries and gallery collections. Any gallery or collection with a visibility of "public" or "password-protected" will be listed here unless the "unlisted" box has been checked in the visibility setting.
Gallery Slideshow
The page that is displayed when a visitor clicks "Display Slideshow" from your Gallery Display page
My Homepage
The first page visitors see when loading your website (unless you choose to redirect your homepage elsewhere). "My Homepage" is also the sole home for your featured galleries.
Search Results
Displays search results by image thumbnail as well as image-level options (i.e. "add to lightbox" and "add to cart") where relevant
Search Results Image Display
The single-image page that displays after a visitor clicks on a thumbnail from the Search Results page. This page will also display images that users have gone to directly (e.g. via a public URL link you sent them)
Signup Page
The page on which a site visitor may create a free Image Buyer account. This is technically a PhotoShelter account that they're creating, but it is totally free and outfitted with your branding, so it appears to the buyer as a login to your personal site.
Signup Success Page
The page displayed to a new signup after the registration has been confirmed

To ensure that your clients stay inside your customized site, you should set up all available Page Templates


Customer Page Templates

Customer Page Templates are for the areas that require authenticated access (e.g. lightboxes and gallery invites). Unlike the Public Page Templates, the Customer Page Templates have limited customizability due to the inherent functionality. You cannot change the page geometry or styles of the Customer Page Templates, but you can create minor adjustments to the page.

The following have Customer Page Templates:

My Account
Allows the user to alter basic contact information
My Invites
A list of gallery invitations that client has received from you
My Purchases
A historical list of print/electronic purchases from your archive
My Downloads
A list of available, purchased electronic downloads


E-mail Templates

The E-mail Templates offer you a limited customization. You can add header/footer text and/or graphics (in the HTML template). PhotoShelter automatically inserts the message "body" which is specific to the action you initiate. For example, if you send a gallery invite, PhotoShelter will automatically insert the appropriate link and language that instructs the user. The template you create will wrapper this content.


Working With Templates

The preview feature allows you to look at what your page will look like before you save it.

Note: Refreshing the preview window in your browser will not reflect changes made to your template since you brought up the preview. To be sure your preview is current, you must click the "Preview" button on the template editing page each time you wish to preview.

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