Classic Websites Platform: Manual Customization FAQ

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Do I need my own website to use customization? Can I run my entire website from my customized site?

Sure, it is possible to run your whole website out of the customized site. It's important to note, however, that you only receive two custom pages with the PhotoShelter customization pages. For example, if you wanted to add additional pages to your site beyond the two arbitrary pages we provide you, you might consider a hybrid strategy whereby some pages are served from your website (e.g. a homepage, bio, contact, blog, etc.) and functional pages are served through the PhotoShelter customization.


I would like to use my own domain name (i.e. with my PhotoShelter website. I've set up a CNAME (i.e. with my domain registrar, but whenever I go there, it redirects to the PhotoShelter homepage. Why?

Once your CNAME is set up properly, you must also make sure that your Master Template and individual Page Templates are set up and active. (See Question #3 below.)


I've set up my Master Template. Why aren't my PhotoShelter galleries and other pages showing up customized?

After setting up your Master Template, you must also set  up and enable your individual page templates. You can find these under the "PUBLIC PAGES" tab on your Customization setup page. Once you've saved a page template, the corresponding page in your customization will appear customized.


Can I change the colors and position of elements on the Customer Pages (e.g. lightbox?)

No. Due to the intricacy of the functionality embedded on these pages, we do not offer you the ability to change aspects of the Customer Page templates.


How do I change the spacing of thumbnails in my Gallery Display or Search Results pages?

Each image in the [[gallery_thumbs]] or [[search_thumbs]] widget is contained within a UL block. The LI's in these thumbnail display widgets can be controlled with the UL.thumbs.LI CSS selector. By default, the LI is set to 180px high. If you wanted to change each LI to be shorter, e.g. 155px high:

 UL.thumbs LI { height: 155px; } 

A similar approach can be taken to the thumbnails in widgets like [[gallery_list]]. Consult the CSS style notes in each specific widget's help page for more information.


How can I change the number of thumbnails per row in the Gallery Display or Search Results page?

As mentioned above, the thumbnails are contained within a UL. This UL is set to be a fixed 650px wide, and since each LI is about 130px wide, five of them will fit across the space. If you change the width of the UL, you can adjust the number of thumbnails in each row. For example, to get 6 thumbnails across, you would need 6 x 130px = 780px of width:

UL.thumbs { width: 780 px }

To get the thumbnails to flow across the entire width of the document or containing HTML block, you can use the "auto" width value:

UL.thumbs { width: auto; }

This is handy for "variable-width" site templates which span across the entire width of the browser window.


How do I get my image keywords to show up in columns instead of one long list?

Similar to the gallery thumbnails, you can take advantage of CSS properties to "float" elements and simulate columns. Use the "list" style option for the [[image_keywords]] widget in conjunction with a "float: left" CSS attribute for each image_keywords LI element. Here is an example stylesheet to accomplish this:

FORM.image_keywords UL {

list-style-type: none; 

padding: 0;

margin: 0;


FORM.image_keywords UL LI {

float: left;

width: 120px;

padding: 0;

margin: 0;


Note that the LI element has "float: left" with a fixed width of "120px". This will create 120 pixel-wide columns for the keywords, with the number of columns across constrained by the widget's containing block. If you want to specifically restrict the number of columns, set a fixed width for FORM.image_keywords UL. 


How do I change the little PhotoShelter icon in my web browser's URL line to my own icon?

Check out this tutorial on adding a favicon to your PhotoShelter website.



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