Integration with PhotoShelter API

We've created the PhotoShelter API to enable developers to create fantastic applications that integrate PhotoShelter's powerful features. To learn more about our API, view full technical documentation, or register for an API key, click here

Here are a few services who have taken advantage of PhotoShelter’s API to better their business.


Using just a business card, Snapizzi enables event, school, high-volume commercial photographers and more to automatically match customers to their photos. Learn more about Snapizzi.  

Foliobook gives you a way to showcase your images in a beautiful, full screen format without an internet connection, or the hassle of re-sizing and re-uploading to another platform. You can easily select and download images directly from your PhotoShelter account to create a Foliobook portfolio on your iPad in just minutes. Check out this brief tutorial to get started. Learn more about Foliobook.  

Create multiple styles for your blog, Facebook, gallery, or wherever you share images online. Upload to those sites all from within the app. Personalize with text, border, color blocks and many other options. Learn more about BlogStomp.

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