Being a Featured Photographer

Get featured in our Buyer's Slideshow 

Looking for a little extra exposure? Submit your images to be included in the Buyer's Slideshow on our Image Search page. Approximately 20 new images by PhotoShelter's finest will be selected every month to appear as part of the Buyer's Slideshow. These photos will click through directly to your PhotoShelter website so buyers can continue to explore your work. Check out the submission process below.

Also, on our Explore page are Featured Photographers from every specialty represented in the Photographer Directory. Enrolling yourself into the directory will make you eligible to be the Featured Photographer in a specific specialty, and submitting to the Buyer's Slideshow will increase your chances. This section is our way of recognizing active members of the PhotoShelter community who are strong photographers and are using our websites and tools in unique or effective ways. There are plenty of ways to get yourself noticed and share your site and photography with us - so make sure we know what you're up to!


The Submission Process

Submitting your work for inclusion in the Buyer's Slideshow is a very simple, informal process:

  1. Perform a tight edit: We will consider up to 10 images per photographer per month.

    • All image submissions must be publicly searchable.

    • If you are sending one image, grab the direct, public link to this image.

    • If you are sending more than one image, create a public gallery of images in the "Unlisted on Website" section, and grab the public gallery's URL.

    • No vertical images, please.

  2. Submit your link and a mini-app to

    • The "mini-app" consists of the following (short and sweet) data:

      • The link to your gallery or single image submission

      • Your name

      • A link to your website

  3. Please keep the following in mind:

    • Only Basic, Standard, or Pro accounts may apply to be in the Buyer's Slideshow. (Starter account holders, upgrade today to take advantage!)

    • Any selected image will be featured within the slideshow with your credit and a light PhotoShelter watermark in the upper right-hand corner. When clicked, your image will direct visitors to your website.

    • Submissions for the following month's slideshow must be received by midnight EDT on the 30th of the previous month. For example, to be included in an August slideshow, all images must be received by midnight EDT on July 30.


The Review Process

The review process is done on a rolling basis. When making our selections, we look for striking individual imagery and websites that represent our talented and diverse photographer base. Every image selected must "pop" for a different reason and must serve as a convincing, standalone invitation for the Buyer Page visitor to further explore your work.



Each month, the selected photographers will be notified individually when their images are added to the slideshow. Those who are not selected are encouraged to submit again for the following month's submissions. Because we are aiming for diversity in the 20 images we choose (among several hundred), it is very likely that incredibly strong imagery will be passed up in any given month, so do not get discouraged!

Still have questions? Contact us.


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