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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an Internet-friendly format for syndicating content such as news, blogs, or in our case, photographs. RSS was developed in the early 1990s and has become increasingly popular with the proliferation of RSS readers (also known as newsreaders or aggregators). 

Although anyone can utilize the RSS feeds, they are more suited toward photographers who have time-sensitive content with a large potential audience - including photojournalists, celebrity portraitists, and event photographers.

Any visitor already familiar with RSS will know to either use the RSS feed extension in your browser or input your gallery/collection/search results URL into their RSS reader. The most popular way to view RSS content is through an RSS reader like FeedlySage (for Firefox), or FeedDemon (Windows only). 

PhotoShelter presently offers four places where it would make sense for a visitor to subscribe to an RSS feed:

  1.  Galleries

  2.  Collections

  3.  Search results

  4.  New content (on your site in general)

This means that your website's visitors have the option to receive an alert in any of the following cases:

  • When a new image is added to a public gallery.

  • When a new gallery is added to a public collection.

  • When an image that matches the keywords of a given search is made public.

  • When a photographer adds new content, anywhere.

Essentially a visitor may "subscribe" to any public gallery page, public gallery collection, search results page, or photographer homepage. There is no limit to the number of feeds any single person can subscribe to, nor is there a limit to how many subscribers one feed may have.


Note: If someone tries to revisit the URL for an RSS feed that is no longer active, or if you've changed a gallery's visibility from public to something else, the page will alert the visitor that the gallery is in a private status and not viewable.

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