Creating a Mobile Portfolio with Foliobook's PhotoShelter Integration

Import from Photoshelter from Foliobook on Vimeo

Foliobook is a professional grade iPad portfolio app for photographers and anyone else who wants a simple and beautiful way to present photos and visual artwork. Developed in partnership with award winning advertising photographers, Folibook is focused on making your work look great. Whether you use the iPad alone or alongside a printed portfolio, Foliobook allows your brand to be consistent across web, print and iPad for a truly professional presentation. 

PhotoShelter’s integration with Foliobook provides you with a quick and easy way to import images from your PhotoShelter Image Browser directly into your Foliobook app.  Once the app is downloaded, you can upload up to 200 images, organize them into galleries, and easily re-arrange images in the order in which you’d like to present them.  Need to download new images to add your Foliobook?  Simply add them straight from your PhotoShelter account as well.  With Foliobook you can present your portfolio in a slick and full screen display, free of website clutter -- with no internet connection needed. Watch the video below to learn how to access your PhotoShelter account through Foliobook. 

For questions about how the app works, please visit the Foliobook support pages:

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