Changing the Sort Order of Your Images, Galleries, and Collections

You may change the sort order of your images, galleries, and collections at any time. Sorting your content can be useful for organizing and working with your library, but it is particularly important for anything that's designated as Listed on Website, as the sort order you choose in your Image Browser is what's reflected to your website visitors. 


Using the Sort By Drop-Down Menu

1. From the Left Pane of your Image Browser, select the gallery or collection that you'd like to sort.

Note: To organize the top-level galleries and collections that display on your public Gallery List page, click the Listed on Website link.


2. At the top of the Center Pane, click on the Sort by drop-down menu. A selection of sorting options are there for your choosing. These will vary based on the type of content you're sorting (i.e. images vs. galleries/collections). When sorting a collection, you'll see two different sort options: the primary sort (i.e. name vs. date created), as well as a secondary sort (whether you'd like galleries first, collections first, or the two intermingled and dictated only by the primary sort).


3. If you prefer to custom sort your collections, galleries, or images, choose the Custom option. In this window, you will be able to drag and drop your content into the desired order. Once set, be sure to click the Save button in the top right-hand corner of the Center Pane. (Tip: Collapse the Left and Right Panes using the dividers on either side of the Center Pane to be able to see more content in your Image Browser -- this makes custom sorting much more efficient!) 


When custom sorting the images in a gallery, you will be given the option to define the starting sequence of the sort, either by filename, date uploaded, or date taken. Clicking any of the sort selections a second time from this window will swap the direction.


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