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PhotoShelter allows anyone who has a free account to leave comments and rate individual images within a gallery. Unlike consumer-based websites, in PhotoShelter, only photographers can view the comments that others have left.

This allows you to, for example, shoot a job on spec and have editors review your take, mark which images they like, and leave corresponding comments and ratings. There is no requirement to leave a comment on every or any image. (If you're interested in using PhotoShelter as a collaborative tool, also check out PhotoShelter's Lightbox tool.)  


Activating Gallery Commenting

1. To activate commenting and rating, click Website > Archive Page Settings > Gallery Image Display

2. Check the Allow Private Comments/Ratings box, and click the Save Page Layout button


Leaving Gallery Comments

If you have gallery commenting enabled, when a visitor views an image in one of your galleries, he or she will need to log in to be able to leave comments or rate that image. If the visitor is not logged in, we provide a login prompt at the site of the commenting area.

Once logged in, the visitor will see link to leave a comment and familiar thumbs up/down icons (there's also a dot to represent a neutral rating). The user can click the link and type in a comment. On subsequent visits, they can update that comment. Again, only the user and the photographer can view the comment.


Viewing Comments and Ratings

Gallery comments and ratings are displayed in the Right Pane of the Image Browser. Simply select any image from the Center Pane and expand the Comments section from the Right Pane to view the comments and ratings that have been left.

When you are viewing the comments for a specific image, you will see the comment itself, the commenter's name, and a number to represent the thumbs up/down rating (1 for thumbs up, 0 for neutral, and -1 for thumbs down).

Note: There is no way to delete a comment or rating once it has been left -- it may only be edited.

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