Classic Websites Platform: The SEO Grader

This feature is only available for users of our Classic Websites Platform. Have a Beam portfolio? You may consult the other SEO related articles in this section, or visit our Beam Portfolio Websites section for support.


Measure how well you’ve set up your SEO

PhotoShelter's SEO Grader measures how well your PhotoShelter website is optimized for SEO based on over 30 metrics. It also provides advice on how you can improve your score to enhance visibility to search engines.

After you fill out an initial questionnaire, we scan how you are using PhotoShelter in the following areas to determine your grade:

  • Image Attributes

  • Gallery Attributes

  • Website Architecture

  • Page Meta Data 

The SEO Grader primarily measures on-page factors, which are coded aspects of your website and website content - things like keywords, meta data, etc. On-page factors typically only drive about 25 percent of your ranking in search engines, so even a grade of 100 still leaves a lot of opportunity for improvement that can only be gained by off-page factors, which include inbound linking, strength of domain, etc.

If you are not familiar with off-page factors, we recommend you download our SEO for Photographers Bootcamp & Guide. This will give you lots of specific ideas for improving your SEO beyond what we can help you with through the SEO Grader.


Using the SEO Grader

1. Select Website > SEO Grader from the Navigation Bar.  

2. On the SEO Grader page, click the blue GRADE ME button to run the grader.


3. Fill out the SEO Questionnaire to help us determine if you've already implemented some basic SEO strategies. Then click the blue Grade Me! button.  

4. We'll return a grade on a scale of 0-100 with a detailed explanation of how we calculated your grade plus information on how you can improve your grade.



The numeric grade you receive is scored out of 100 points. While anything about 65 points or higher indicates a good level of optimization, we've broken the score down into the following general segments:

  • 89-100 = Great job! You are SEO optimized!

  • 78 - 88 = Nice work - just a few more steps to full optimization.

  • 60 - 77 = Good start, but you have a little work to do.

  • 50 - 59 = Not bad, but keep on working to improve your SEO.

  • 28 - 49 = You're early in the process, but you're on the right track.

  • 0 - 27 = Your SEO needs improvement.

Note: It's possible to achieve a score of 100 for Standard and Pro accounts that are either using one of our design themes and have worked to customize every page, or are using manual customization. Basic accounts and Standard/Pro accounts that don't have every theme page actively customized can achieve a maximum grade of 65.


Weighted Areas

Each section within the SEO Grader impacts your grade to a specific degree depending on how important that section is to your overall search-engine visibility. That means that some sections you perfect might not have much impact on your grade, whereas other sections you might make small efforts on and see a significant impact on your grade.

To help you focus your time on what's most important, we've indicated the relative "weight" of each section. You may want to focus first on the sections with the most weight.



For more information on the various attributes that make up your grade, head over to the SEO Grader and get started. We provide detailed information on everything once you've run the Grader. 

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