General Settings Page

Choosing globalized settings for your website

Your General Settings page governs the global preferences for your website. With the exception of the Google Analytics field, the preferences defined in this section are effective whether you are using a theme or are in Manual Customization Mode. To access this page, select Website from the Navigation Bar and then select General Settings from the navigation on the left-hand side. 


Website Address

My Website Address
This is the address, or URL, people will type into their web browser to access your site. This address can be changed at any time, but we suggest that you avoid this if possible, because changing your URL will invalidate any existing links and/or gallery invites that use the original version of your site address.
Custom Domain (CNAME)
If you want to display your own domain name in your URLs instead of, you can set up a CNAME through your domain registrar. A CNAME is a domain alias. If you haven't set up a CNAME, leave this field blank. For more information on creating a CNAME, check out our detailed CNAME tutorials.
Site Name
This refers to the name that appears at the top of your website pages. By default, this value is the name with which you registered your PhotoShelter account. Use this field to replace your account name with alternative text.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics ID
If you are already using Google Analytics, you may place your ID here so we can automatically begin tracking your stats. 
Website Verification Code
Google Webmaster users can insert site verification code here. Any code you paste here will be inserted into the header of the HTML document.
Analytics Code
If you use Google Analytics or a similar package that requires the insertion of javascript into the bottom of each page, you can paste that code here. Note: If you are using Manual Customization, you will have to paste the code into the Master Page Template, not here. For more information on Google Analytics, check out our detailed Google Analytics tutorial.

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