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Thanks for stopping by! We're kicking off a new series where each week industry professionals and PhotoShelter employees will answer photo industry questions asked by fellow PhotoShelter members and photographers.  Click the button to submit a question, and scroll through previous questions below.  



Client Services Manager, Farah Visslailli shares the differences and similarities between our two most popular payment processors, Paypal and Stripe.


Our video guru, Kristin Twiford gives us a sound tip for those shooting video. 



Project Manager, Jon Gorman gives us an important social media tip that everyone should be using.  


Content Marketing Manager, Deborah Block gives her suggestions for ways to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns. 


Remote Marketing Associate, Natalie Cottle digs into what a retina display really is, and whether or not they're worth the hype.  


Photo Editor of SAVEUR magazine, Michelle Heimerman shares her wisdom by sharing with us a few things photo editors will appreciate.  


Have a photo/tech question of your own?  Just ask -- maybe we'll pick yours next week! 



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