PhotoShelter/Libris Downloader App for iOS

Welcome to the PhotoShelter/Libris Downloader App iOS beta. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to refine the app and get it ready to launch!

With the Downloader app (working name), you can seamlessly browse, share, and download files from a PhotoShelter or Libris account on your iPhone. This is especially useful for real-time workflows and working on the go.

The app was designed for people with download access to files within a PhotoShelter or Libris account. This includes:

  • Individual photographers who own a PhotoShelter account
  • Organizations who own a Libris account with an Admin, Editor(s), and/or Tagger(s)
  • Clients, stakeholders, or team members who work with a PhotoShelter photographer or Libris organization, also known as “Invited Users”

Some users may have access to more than one PhotoShelter or Libris account as different roles, e.g. an Invited User on one account and a Libris Editor on another account. When you log into the app using your email address and account password, you’ll see all of the accounts you can access.

Note: based on beta feedback, we’re actively working on adding search into the app before its official launch. We know how valuable it is to find files quickly on the go, and we can’t wait to share search with you when it’s ready!

System Requirements


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Using the Downloader App


Your Access

Your Libraries

Content You’re Invited To

Viewing content

Downloading files

Sharing files

App settings


Invited Users

PhotoShelter photographers & Libris Admins/Editor/Taggers

System Requirements

  • Only iOS 12 is supported, which is compatible on iPhone models 5S through XS
  • You’ll need to have an active PhotoShelter or Libris account with any of the roles listed above. You’ll log in using your email address and account password
  • You’ll need to be able to install 2 apps on your iPhone:
    • The TestFlight app, an Apple app that allows testers to install beta versions of apps on iOS devices
    • The Downloader app, which you’ll be using the beta version of


1. Make sure you’re using iOS 12 on your iPhone

2. Open the App Store on the iPhone you’ll use for testing, and install the TestFlight app

3. Open your email on your iPhone. If you registered for the beta, you should have received an email from us with the subject line “Beta app access instructions.” Tap the installation link (step 2) in that email.

4. This will open TestFlight, where you’ll see the app icon. Tap “Install.”


5. After you’ve downloaded the beta app, you’ll see a dot next to its name that identifies it as a beta build


6. You’re all set. Open the Downloader app, log in to your account, and start testing!

Contact us

If you have any feedback or would like to report a bug in the app, please email us at


Using the Downloader App


Log into the app using the same email address and password that you use to access your PhotoShelter or Libris account on the web.


Your Access

On the “Your Access” screen, you’ll see any PhotoShelter and/or Libris accounts whose content you can download, divided into 2 sections. You’ll only see the section(s) relevant to you:

Your Libraries

  • This shows accounts that you have administrative or ownership access to, such as:
    • Your PhotoShelter Personal Account (if you’re an individual photographer)
    • Your Libris account (if you’re an Admin/Editor/Tagger)
  • When you tap on an account’s name here, you’ll see all of the collections, galleries, and files within that account’s Image Browser or Library
    • As an account staff member, you have full view & download access to everything in that account

Content You’re Invited To

  • A photographer, company, or organization you do business with might have sent you an invitation to download some of their files from PhotoShelter or Libris
    • You are an Invited User for their account and will use this section of the app
  • When you tap on an account’s name here, you’ll see only the content you’ve been invited to download by the account owner
    • If you would like further permission to download more content, you will need to contact the photographer, company, or organization that originally sent you the invitation

app-011.jpg app-010.jpg

Above left: “Your Access” screen, showing a user who has multiple roles and sees both the “Your Libraries” and “Content You’re Invited To” section. Above right: a user with only Invited User access to an account sees only “Content You’re Invited To.”

Viewing content

On the “Your Access” screen, tap on the account whose content you’d like to browse and download. Browse through collections and galleries by tapping on them.


When you’re viewing a gallery, only files you can download will display. Scroll down through it to view the entire gallery. Pull down to refresh (useful during a live event, when files are still being uploaded to the gallery).


The action bar at the bottom of gallery view allows you to take various actions.


Tap the Sort icon to sort files within a gallery: Default (what the account owner has set in their Image Browser/Library), Filename, Date uploaded, or Date created. Tap on the up/down arrow to switch between Ascending/Descending order for Filename, Date Uploaded, or Date created.


Tap the View Mode icon to toggle between list and mortar

Tap on a file to see it in single file view. Swipe left or right to view other files in the gallery. Pinch on an image to zoom in or out.


The action bar at the bottom of single file view allows you to take various actions.


Tap the Info icon to view file metadata.


You can play, pause, and scrub through video and audio files. Rotate your phone to view in landscape mode.


Downloading files

When you download your first file, you’ll be prompted to grant access to the Photos app on your iPhone. 

In single file view, tap the Download icon. Select from the format(s) and size(s) that the account owner has given you access to for that file type (or all sizes/formats, if you’re an account owner), then tap Download to start downloading. A blue bar at the bottom will display download progress.


In gallery view, tap the Select Mode icon to enter Select Mode. Tap on file(s) to select them, then tap the Download icon.


Tap the Select Mode icon again to deselect all files. 

You can also swipe left on a file in gallery list mode to select, download, or share it.


Tap the Download Queue icon to see the progress of downloads, or retry failed downloads.


Images and videos will download to the Photos app on your iPhone.


If you download an original image or video file and its format isn’t supported by the Photos app, it will download to the Files app on your iPhone instead. 

Audio and other files such as Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, or CSV files will download to the Files app on your iPhone.


Sharing files

In single file view, tap the Share icon. In gallery view, tap the Select Mode icon, tap on file(s) to select them, then tap the Share icon. This will bring up your “share sheet,” where you can choose where you’d like to share the file(s).


Sharing destinations will depend on the file type and the number of files selected, e.g. Twitter doesn’t allow you to share audio files. 

You can customize your iPhone sharing options by scrolling to the right within the share sheet and tapping More.


App settings

On the “Your Access” screen, tap on your user avatar in the top left to view app settings. 

You can choose to download large files (>150 MB) via WiFi only, or turn this setting off if you want to download all files using cellular data. You can also log out of the app here.




Invited Users

Can I use the app to view and download password-protected content?

No. Only content that the account owner has invited you to log in and download using your specific email address will display in the app.


PhotoShelter photographers & Libris Admins/Editor/Taggers

Which Visibility & Access settings for collections & galleries will work in the app for my Invited Users?

  • Your Invited Users will only see content with these Visibility & Access settings:
    • Visibility: “Everyone” or “Those with Permission” and
    • Download: “Those with Permission” People/Group
  • You must grant download access to files (e.g. original file or JPG/MP4) in order for Invited Users to see them within galleries in the app
  • Both native and inherited permissions should work



Above: examples of the Visibility & Access settings needed in PhotoShelter and Libris for Invited Users to view and download content in the app. 

Which features are not currently supported by the app?

  • PhotoShelter & Libris:
    • You cannot access any accounts in the app unless you log in as some type of user. There is no anonymous browsing and downloading of content
    • Password-protected collections/galleries are not supported
    • Invited Users will not see view-only files within a gallery
    • Collection/gallery invite emails will not link to that content in the app
    • Not all file metadata fields display, only a subset
    • There is no e-commerce available for images
    • You cannot search for files in the app yet. We're actively working on this feature, and it will be in the app before its official launch!
  • PhotoShelter only:
    • Watermarked low-res comp (500px) downloads are not supported
    • Trusted Client downloads are not supported
  • Libris only:
    • Invited Users cannot log in via SSO
    • Invited Users will not see publicly downloadable content
    • Custom Metadata will not display for images
    • License Alerts watermarks and License Expiration Dates will not display for images

Still have questions? Contact us.


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