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  • Nick Miners

    Hi Rich

    You can't make it do this automatically, but you can edit IPTC data for more than one photo at a time. To do this, you select the images you want in (use shift+click to select a range of images, or cmd+click (Mac) / ctrl+click (Windows) to select/deselect individual images) and choose 'Edit IPTC' from the 'Actions' menu at the top of the screen. You can then choose which fields to update, and whether or not to append the metadata to the existing metadata.

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  • Kevin Dowie

    Depending on which photo editing and management software you are using,  you could add the recurring IPTC metadata prior to uploading your images to Photoshelter. 

    Using Adobe Lightroom as an example.  In the library module go to the Metadata tab,  use the Preset drop-down menu, select Edit Presets,  this will bring up the IPTC dialogue box.   Complete with the details you wish and save as a preset.

    The preset could then be applied to a batch of images prior to export,  indeed it could be applied to images during import into Lightroom.   The exported images uploaded to Photoshelter will bring the IPTC metadata with them.

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