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  • Nick Miners

    Hi Dan

    This is possible using pricing profiles. Each pricing profile lets you set a price for each print format, this includes different sizes and media, so for each difficulty of shooting level, you will need a corresponding pricing profile.

    If you are going to produce the prints yourself, you need to set up a range of Self-Fulfilled products. You should do this first before creating a pricing profile. On this page ( you create a set of print products according to what you will offer, but don't add prices yet as these will be set on the pricing profiles. Use the 'Create new print/product' button to add a new print option.

    Once you've created all the products you want to offer, then you create your pricing profiles. You can do that at this page:

    Click 'Add profile' to create a new pricing profile, and select 'Print & Products'. Give the profile a name and description, being mindful of which fields will be seen by customers, then click 'Add a vendor'. Here you can select 'Self Fulfilled/Print Vendor Network' - once you've done this you will see a list of the print products you set up at the bottom of the page. You can set a price for any of these (any you leave blank will not be offered to buyers for this profile).

    Once you've created the profiles you want (e.g. one for high risk shots, one for basic landscapes, one for fine art etc) you can assign them to the images on your site to determine what customers will pay for a given photo. To do this, go to and select the image(s) you want to sell. From the 'Actions' menu at the top of the thumbnail grid choose 'Price' - now you can assign the required pricing profile to the images and they will be up for sale immediately.

    When a customer places an order, you will be notified and can produce the prints and/or products to order.

    You can of course use an existing vendor to process the prints, which will reduce your workload. To do this, instead of choosing 'Self fulfilled/Print Vendor Network' when you create a pricing profile, choose from one of the existing partners, depending on where you are (e.g. Loxley Colour are UK based, Adorama are in the States), and you can add prices to any of the products they offer to make them available to your buyers.

    I hope this all makes sense - let me know if you have any other queries.

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