Trouble getting site indexed by Google



  • Nick Miners

    SEO is a dark art, and sometimes takes time. Most of the fields that matter on PhotoShelter are marked with green 'SEO' icons so when you're uploading and editing your images make sure you've used as many of these as possible to describe your photographs.

    If your site is new, then it may just take a while for Google to get around to indexing your site.

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  • Phil Hawkins

    Ditto.  I've been with Photoshelter for over a year now, and ALL my activity has ground to a halt.  No inquiries, print sales have completely stopped, it's as if I just evaporated into thin air.

    When I google myself using a variety of search parameters, nothing comes up.  I thought SEO was the big selling point of Photoshelter.  I pay attention to all the SEO issues on my site, but I was much better off on Neon Sky...  I'm going to give this a bit longer, but I am not happy. 

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  • Fletcher Boland

    @Nick I could be better about completing the SEO related fields (I'm sure we all could) but I expected at least some pages to show up where I've put in metadata. I don't think more time is the answer - my site has been around for 10+ years pre photoshelter and over a year on photoshelter. 

    @Phil Similar situation here. Given the marketing around Photoshelter SEO, I expected to get much more out of the box. 

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  • Gui Ricky

    Yes, i am equally facing such trouble as well, i realized my business took a huge dip because search engine couldn't find me anymore. As compared to a few years back. I emailed the help team, they check out my website and i did all my 'homework'. Their reply was this.


    "It's important to continue marking images as publicly searchable and adding the appropriate IPTC metadata to your images, which I can see that you've done for many images. In your Site Builder, I see that you have your page title and meta description populated for your home page. You may also want to add in a custom page title and meta description for your "about" and "contact" pages. To do this, enter your Site Builder. Then, navigate to that page. On the left, you should be able to add in your desired page title and meta description. Just be sure to save when you're done.

    Beyond these on-page items, the most important SEO factors tend to be off-page, including the quantity and quality of the backlinks to your site from other sources. Put simply: The more that people feel it’s worth linking to your site, the more a search engine trusts that there’s good content there."


    and further more


    "If you haven't embarked on a strategy to create backlinks, then here are some places to start:
    - If you are a member of communities or trade organizations, create backlinks to your PhotoSheltersite from your profile page.
    - Create a blog and write entries each time you publish new content on your website. Embedding an image (with a link back to that image on your PhotoShelter site) “counts” as a backlink.
    - Consider content trades whereby other sites link to you in return. We often "guest" blog to reach a wider audience as well as get a backlink.

    Even a handful of backlinks can have an effect on your SEO because most people have none.

    As for the traffic from Holland you're seeing in your overview, I'm afraid I don't really have the answer as to why this is. I do see that your number one traffic source is Google, so it does seem like people are finding you from search results."


    Honestly, this is a lot of hard work for being a photographer. I had already did all the painful work require to be rank up, yes i do what it takes, but the result is not fruitful anymore. I do love Photoshelter, but now i am seriously considering other web support to cast my work in the deep sea of internet. 

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