Twitter/Facebook issue with preview of photograph



  • Tony Hart

    I am having the same issue. Likewise, Pinterest sharing doesn't even work!

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  • Katy Webb

    I am having the same problem, I'm trying to link my website in a Facebook status but it says the image is temporarily unavailable.
    How do I correct this? How come PhotoShelter haven't replied in 2 months!!??

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  • Nick Miners

    If you have a bug report, which this sounds like, then you'd be better off emailing - they tend to reply very promptly and are very helpful. The Community Q&A section isn't a support forum, but is for fellow PS members to help each other out (See above - "It is strictly meant for questions from PhotoShelter members to be answered by PhotoShelter members.").

    If after emailing PS support, you do get a useful response, then please post it here so everyone can benefit from the solution.



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