DNS Problem



  • Nick Miners

    Hi Frazer - I've tried accessing your site both with and without the 'www' prefix and it seems to work - were you able to resolve this with your registrar? You should note that any changes to domain names can take a day or longer to propagate through the internet, which may have caused your initial problem.

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  • Alex Vita

    Your site is not loading for me without "www" in front: http://frazerwaller.com/

    When you add a custom CNAME, it only works for the "www" sub-domain. You then have to redirect the root domain (without) to the "www" sub-domain.

    Check out this article for instructions: http://techstream.org/Web-Development/HTACCESS/WWW-to-Non-WWW-and-Non-WWW-to-WWW-redirect-with-HTACCESS (and if this doesn't do the trick, just google "redirect non-www to www" and you'll find something).

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