Can I limit the number of Prints available for sale?



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    Nick Miners

    There is currently no way to limit the number of copies of an image you can sell as prints, if that is what you mean. You can individually assign a print sales profile to a limited selection of images, but as long as an image is on sale, as many prints will be sold as are ordered.

    If you wanted to manually impose a limit, you could add pre-approval to print sales, so if you were to recieve, say, six orders for a print of which you were only selling five copies, you could contact the sixth buyer to say that it has sold out and cancel the order. To do this, check the box under the pricing profile editing screen under 'Print vendor order review'. This won't prevent the customer paying, but will prevent too many prints being made.

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  • Graham Gerdeman

    yes, but how does one cancel the order? I'm faced with the need to cancel a pending sale and suddenly find that there is no clear way to do it. I have emailed support, but seems ridiculous not to have the means to cancel an order on our own. 

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