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    Nick Miners

    If you are using a BEAM template, you can display image titles by default. To do this, go to an image in your portfolio view, and enter the Site Builder tool. Click on the blue Edit button above the image, and in the left-hand column, select the appropriate option under the 'Image Info' header. The exact options listed vary by theme, but there should be an option to display the image info by default. If there is a Caption, this will be displayed, otherwise it will show the file name.

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  • Cissy van der Meer

    Thank you for that answer - only - I can't find how I can add an captation to the image when I did the steps you explained above?
    I never like to use file names as these are coded IMG_4356_Amara-Photos_2016-02-16. So would be great to be able to add an capation on the Photoshelter side of things, not so much via Lightroom per default. How I do that/ What I am overlooking to get this working?


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  • Nick Miners

    Hi Cissy - the instructions I gave above were for making PhotoShelter display a caption that is already there. If you want to add a caption, then view the image in photoshelter.com/mem/images and you can enter it in the right hand column under the 'IPTC Metadata' heading. Click the blue edit button that appears when you expand the panel and all the fields you can edit will be displayed. Make the changes you need and click the check in the circle at the top of the panel to save them.

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