When searching for my site in google is not listed


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  • Mark Finkenstaedt


    Always put your site address but I found it thru your Linkedin.

    I think you have a few problems that you should correct. Firstly make sure you enter all the descriptions in the "Admin" area especially where there is a green SEO marker. If you have only entered "Cilantro Food Photography" as a site name it's not very descriptive and not going to yield the results your expecting. It's harder these days to see what content i.e. styles of meta data you've added but I assume it's pretty scant. Spend the time and fill in all the prompts.

    For example where is your business? Are people just to guess that you are in Portland? About: Cilantro photography is based in Portland's hip....we cover assignments from Portland to San Fran etc... A phone number area code isn't hint enough.

    Get rid of the yahoo email and host your email from your own URL or gmail is more accepted in my opinion. You're a food photographer but I see lots of other work which isn't helping your cause. Food photographers who list their site as "Food Photography" should probably have nothing but. Why not just be Lisanette Curbelo Photography - food, weddings, events in the Portland area? Maybe have a blog that is entirely food.

    If you want to use just this one site hide all your archives that aren't food - that would help.

    Sorry to seem that I'm picking things apart but all these will help and turn your Photoshelter into a platform where you are found and hired.

    In your "About" section you hint at being from a different culture but you hold back. Tell us about it, where and why... Good writing indeed - don't change anything else - just take away that part of the mystery.

    Back to the Google and being found bit. Add metadata to the photos,, keywords, and add as much other data as possible.

    You have to sit in the seat of the buyer. They're not going to search your exact name unless of course they know you. They'll search "food photographer local" "portland food photographer". if you haven't added these markers Google can't exactly identify the site nor will you show in an search.

    Check out other food photographers in the area and see what they have done with their meta descriptions etc. http://www.dinaavila.com does lots of different work but you land on only food.

    Good luck.

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