How to add copywrite?



  • Nick Miners

    Hi Chris

    Are you referring to copyright watermarks on the photographs themselves, or a line of text on the website? For the former, see this page:
    For the latter, it depends where you want it, but as your site uses the Element template, you can simply paste the copyright notice into the free text 'Content area' of your site, which you can edit by entering the Site Builder and clicking the blue 'edit' button which appears beneath your navigation menu.

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  • Chris Daidone

    I appreciate your quick reply Nick. It is the latter. I tried to add it in the content area as you recommended. However, I only have 3 options. I can add:

    A page
    A link
    A menu item

    All of which are hyperlinks. How can I add the verbiage without it being a hyperlink?


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  • Nick Miners

    HI Chris,

    I think you might be clicking on the wrong edit button. If you hover over the one I mean you will see this:

    This will allow you to enter whatever text you want in a text editing box that looks like this:

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