Hiding filenames




  • Nick Miners

    Hi Thomas

    In Site Builder, click the blue Edit button at the bottom left of the screen (the one that displays "Image Display" when you hover over it). In the left hand panel, there will be a section headed 'Image info' - set the drop-down menu to 'Off by default' to hide this information.

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  • Thomas Eckhoff

    Hei Nick
    That worked fine, thanks.
    How about changed the view --Thumbnail/fullscreen--
    is there a way to change this at each album ?
    Want the index page to show fullscreen, but when the viewer clicks at another album i'd like to show it off in thumbnail view. !?

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  • Paul Redmond

    I'm in Elements. When I go to "Image Display" I do not have the option to 'off by default' the 'image info' I want some images to have titles/caption...and others to be blank.

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