Self-Fulfillment Pricing Profiles


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  • Nick Miners

    Hi Don

    You just need to define your different print sizes on the 'Self-Fulfillment' page and they will automatically appear as options in a Self-Fulfilled pricing profile. You add prices to just the sizes you want to offer in that particular profile.

    For example if you wanted to sell some of your prints at 11 x 14 and some at both 11 x 14 and 22 x 28, create a new product at 22 x 28. If you look at the profile you've already created you'll see the 22 x 28 print listed, but with no price, so it won't be an option on the print you've assigned that profile to. 

    If you then create a new self-fulfilled profile and add prices to both print sizes, any prints with this profile assigned will allow buyers to choose the size when they add to the basket.

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