XMP stored with RAW files



  • Nick Miners

    PhotoShelter does not support the display of raw files, and it wouldn't be able to display the changes specified in an XMP file even if they were uploaded. It is not designed as an archival product, but for the display of images on a website, so is most effective with file types such as JPG, PNG and GIF rather than raw files. I would proceed with caution.

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  • Josh Barber

    Nick, Photoshelter does support the display of RAW files.

    From the "Supported File Types/Formats" Page:

    "Limited Support

    Raw files
    You can store raw files, but remember that raw files are unprocessed, and we are not guaranteed to convert them correctly. The colors will be off. They are fine for archival use, but they are not ideal for printing or delivery. PhotoShelter uses the camera's generic profile as a reference to convert it to sRGB to display on your website. PhotoShelter does not associate files together that have the same name but different extensions."




    I reached out to support and they told me that their XMP support was limited. If you are using their Desktop Uploader then it will upload the IPTC in the XMP sidecar, but will not keep the sidecar file "[T]he files are processed upon upload and not kept as original entities." They just keep the IPTC associated with the file on the site. I did a test and determined that the browser based uploader and the Photo Mechanic built-in uploader will not upload the XMP and therefore will not have the IPTC of a RAW file. (I do not currently have an account that allows incoming FTP and do not use Lightroom so I did not test those upload methods)

    However they cautioned me that if you download the original RAW file it will not download the XMP sidecar (which no longer exists.) Therefore if you the download RAW file it will not have any IPTC information. You can still download a JPEG made from the RAW file with the camera's generic profile that will have the IPTC information.

    I may still consider Photoshelter as part of an archival solution. The ability to have your archive available to you anywhere with an internet connection is very tempting. Though I really wish they would update handling of XMP files and improve their search.

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