how do you remove / hide the search, cart, lightbox and client areas



  • Nick Miners

    Hi Andy

    Try the following. Make a note of the URL of all the pages you can see under 'Client Galleries' in your menu that you want to keep. In the Site Builder, edit the Navvigation Settings and remove the 'Client Galleries' menu by dragging to the 'Hidden Navigation Items'. Then in the 'Visible Navigation Items' click on 'Add to Navigation' and select 'Menu'. Give the Menu the name you want (you could still call it 'Client Galleries' if you wanted). Once the menu is there, use 'Add to Navigation' to add a 'Link' using the links you noted down above. Then drag each one into the Menu item in Visible Navigation Items menu.

    It should look something like this:

    Alternatively you could just have the single link to 'All Galleries' without the menu if you just want to display that menu item.


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  • andy weekes

    Thanks Nick, I'll give it a go, all I want is the 'all galleries' page with out the rest


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