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  • Jonathan Buckley
    This bug has been around for a couple of weeks. I have been in touch with Support about it as I too was notified by clients.
    It seems it was introduced when they released an update on 3rd June which enabled "full support of custom domain names”.
    Apparently it only effects Safari so you can suggest clients try Chrome instead. It also seems to only effect images marked as 'unsearchable'.
    For those wanting to continue with Safari it seems that turning off ""cross-site tracking” (in the Privacy tab of Safari preferences) solves the problem - although none of us want to be contacting all our clients telling them to do that. Hopefully they will come up with a proper permanent fix soon.
    What I really, really wish is that in these situations they actually came clean and alerted us to potential problems rather than waiting till we hear about it from our clients. Many of us are out taking photographs and are not actually checking our websites every day. I wasted hours trying to work out if it was a problem at my end. It would have been much more helpful if I’d been able to check in and see that the team were aware and working on a fix. There is a status page here which would be ideal for keeping us informed but, despite me suggesting this to Support, there is still no mention of this serious bug.
    Best wishes,
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