Are you also waiting for a new theme to change your web outfit?



  • Asanka Brendon Ratnayake

    Last year PS came out with some really positive news re new templates and being transparent about the various delays even then things sounded promising, that was literally one year ago.

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  • Thomas Helbig

    Yes, currently I'm actively looking for photoshelter alternatives. I do not want to spend the effort to migrate to a new provider. But currently I see no updates. In addition in Europe visitors need to opt-in for cookies. This is from my currently knowledge a legal issue and not provided by photoshelter this is the other reason why I'm looking for alternatives...

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  • Sigurdur Olafur Sigurdsson

    Everyone is waiting and no-one is listening. At this point the only update needed is a big red button that says "Export all my stuff to migrate to a different platform". I'd pay extra for that. ;-)

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