How to Send Us Your Feedback

Our product doesn’t continue to evolve and meet the needs of over 80,000 photographers every day without the feedback of our members. As we continue to grow, we want to make sure you have an easy way to tell us what you think. We're all ears, whether it's general product feedback, suggestions for new tools or features, your thoughts on what could be made easier to use, or anything else we should know.

Use the button below to send us your feedback or ideas. Be as detailed as you like! Our Product team will receive your note directly. Every email is read.

If you'd like to know what we've been working on, head over to our changelog where you can see what's new at PhotoShelter.

Don’t take a lack of response to your particular question as a signal that we didn’t hear you. Here’s a comment from our CEO, Andrew, on serving a diverse set of photographers: 

We proudly serve a wide range of customers, from whom we welcome as many feature requests as there are photographic specialties. Our specialty-agnostic approach has helped us grow over the years without ever raising our fees. But it also means we must constantly prioritize and make trade-offs that support the community as a whole. Occasionally, this may mean certain photographer segments may feel like our attention has shifted away from them personally (e.g. stock photographers getting less attention than, say, event photographers). Please know that exclusive, long-term focus on a particular group is neither our intention nor our business strategy — we’re just tackling as many projects as we can handle, working to support all photographers in the process.

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