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Upload images straight from Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic is a leading photo editing and image browsing application that thousands of photographers and picture editors use to edit, organize, caption, and transmit images. Photo Mechanic is a standalone application written for both PC and Mac operating systems and can be purchased through the Camera Bits website.

As the "Upload to PhotoShelter" option is built directly into Photo Mechanic (versions 4.5.4 and up), there is no need to install a plugin in order to upload images from Photo Mechanic to PhotoShelter. However we recommend making sure you have the latest version to properly follow the steps below. Visit to upgrade, if necessary! 


Uploading Images to PhotoShelter Using Photo Mechanic

1. Launch Photo Mechanic. 

2. Select the files you want to upload. Then, navigate to File > Upload, and choose PhotoShelter from the Selected Uploader list. Simply selecting a folder containing images will not prompt the upload of the files within; individual images must be selected.


3. Click on the Connections button in the File Uploader window to enter your account information: the email address you use to log in to PhotoShelter, the password you created for your PhotoShelter account, and an arbitrary name for your account.


4. Choose the gallery/collection to which you want to upload images. You may select from either the Listed or Unlisted sections of your Image Browser, or you may create a new gallery/collection by clicking the New Gallery or New Collection buttons. Make any other desired image adjustments here (be sure to scroll down in this window to see what else is available to you), and click Send to start your upload.  


5. Once the upload has begun, you'll see a window displaying the queue of uploads. In the Status Log window, there will be an OK status indicator next to images that have been successfully uploaded to your PhotoShelter account.



Note: PhotoShelter does not provide technical support for the Photo Mechanic application itself. For technical support, please visit the Camera Bits Forums

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