FTP (Incoming)


With a Standard or Pro account, you can FTP images directly into your PhotoShelter account by setting up a username and password. Standard accounts allow for only one FTP user to be active at a given moment, while Pro account holders have no limit.

FTPing Images into Your Account:

1. Log in to your PhotoShelter account.

2. Click the Upload menu from the Navigation Bar and select Incoming FTP.







3. On the Incoming FTP page, click on the option to add a new incoming FTP user.


4. Target an upload destination to have all images transferred to a single gallery or a collection. If you choose a collection as the destination, the images will be placed in an auto-generated gallery within that collection. If the gallery you'd like to upload to already exists (even if it is nested in an existing collection), begin typing the name of the gallery and it will auto populate allowing you to select that gallery as the upload destination. If no destination is chosen, we'll automatically replicate the structure in a newly created Incoming FTP collection.


5. Create a username and password. One will be generated automatically, but this can be edited to whatever you choose.


6. Click Save to create the user account.

7. Enable your new FTP account. Only our pro accounts are able to have more than one Incoming FTP enabled at a time. If you have multiple incoming FTPs that need to active simultaneously, we recommend upgrading to Pro. Otherwise, you can enable the FTP by clicking Yes or No on the incoming FTP page.


7. From your FTP client (e.g. Transmit, FileZilla, or Cyberduck), set the server to ftp.photoshelter.com.

8. Enter the username and password that you created on the Incoming FTP page of your PhotoShelter account.


9. Select File > Upload in the FTP client navigation and select the images for upload. Alternatively, you can drag folders from your desktop directly to the FTP client upload window. 

Note:  If dragging a folder directly to your FTP client upload window, that folder will also appear within your destination folder on your PhotoShelter site. We generally recommend uploading individual images rather than folders to prevent complicated gallery nesting in your Images Browser.


10. That's it! The transfer will begin automatically.


Still have questions? Contact us.